Family Day on Back Bay - North Bay - Back Bay

Just a quick trip on Back Bay with most of the family today. No real pictures of interest today, or at least that I feel like sharing today. We had a good time today, and paddled 3 and a half miles. My original plan was for a bit more distance, but...

The Camera did survive the fall the other day, but the 14x45 lens is in for repairs, it is not at all happy. I hope to have it back sometime in May. The cool thing is that Ritz Camera did stick to their word on the Service Plan, or that could have been really painful.

The water level was a little lower then I expected. I thought lately was not as North, nor that strong, but when I look at the 3 day history, there has been a fairly strong Northerly wind for the past couple days...

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
04/18/2008 Horn Point 3.50 0

11/14/2019 09:58:20 PM

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