Milestone - Back Bay - Long Island

Wow I didn't even realize it back then, but I passed 600 Miles a couple of weeks ago, and today I have made my 100th trip, since I have been keeping track...

Today I originally planned on launching from the Horn Point Kayak and Canoe launch, but on top of the water being real low, the gate was locked. I guess someone forgot to open it today. So I knew that Lotus Pond Ashville Bridge Creek was out of the question, I settled on launching from Little Island Park, because even though its a hike, I knew I could launch there...

Aside from the 18 boat tour that showed up at the same time as I did, launching was uneventful, except for the quarter mile walk to get to the water...

I made my way to water deep enough paddle in, and wanted to put some distance between myself and the armada that was preparing to launch, and headed down the Eastern side of the island, I got some nice pictures of some wildflowers, and when I looked down I saw deer tracks in the water. The water being so low, I was not able to stay close enough to the shore to really get any good pictures.

At the South end of the island, I did see an Osprey on the nest, but it left before I got close, and as a passed the nesting platform, it appeared that it is essentially abandoned.

I made the turn to head North, and did see a group of 6 Hawks, Eagles, Osprey, all just soaring and not really doing anything in particular. I did get a half way decent picture of 2 of them.

As I approached the launch, the last couple of boats of the armada were being recovered, and I thought to myself, what a racket, they had 18 boats out there most were tandems, and they are charging $45 a head, for what appeared to be 2 hours of floating around staring at each other, because with group that size anything of any interest is going to be long gone before you get get close enough to see. Like the tour I encountered last week, about 8 boats plus a guide, making enough noise to scare everything away for a half mile. So what is the purpose of a ECO or NATURE tour, if the group is so big it scares the nature away. I am really not trying to be a kayak snob here, but I really do think that the tour groups out there are way to big for the waterways they are using, how about a 10 boat limit, I think your customers would enjoy it more.
By the way the free tour offer is still there...
Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that out.

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
04/21/2007 Little Island Kayak Canoe Launch 6.70 12
Ugly Condo (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Whats wrong with Back Bay, those ugly condos

kayaks on beach (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
The first wave of the tour armada...

Wildflowers (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
The first wildflowers of the season..

Wildflowers (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
A wide shot of wild flowers on Long Island in Back Bay

Deer Tracks (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Deer tracks in the water of Back Bay

Wildflowers (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Wildflowers in the undergrowth on Long Island

 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
The ugly condos and half the tour armada on Back bay

 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Osprey on nesting platform

Hawk (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Hawk over Back Bay

 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
I am not really sure on this one, I have not seen a bird with markings like this before

 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Aerial 20070421

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

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