Not As I Planned - Back Bay

Well things today didn't really go as planned. I was going to go across Back Bay and check out Wash Woods, but the wind and conditions conspired against me. The forecast was for 7 to 10 MPH out of the Northeast, well the out of the Northeast was mostly correct, but the 7 to 10 was more like 15+ and more East then Northeast outbound, and just a tad bit West of North on the return. By the time I made Little Cedar Island, I felt like I was paddling in a washing machine, and as the wind appeared to be moving to the West I decided to cut my loses and turn around. Another 3+ miles in the conditions would have been way too much, and even worse had the wind turned all the way West.

Nothing else really to write about this trip, it was pretty much 9 miles of open water paddling, and just a few pictures of Little Cedar Island.

I guess if I had a few more trips over the winter it may not have been as bad. I guess it was all for the better, when I got back I had a voice mail that my new iMac arrived, and I spent the rest of the afternoon setting it up, and that is why this did not get posted until 11:45. No plans to go out this Sunday, winds are supposed to be stronger, and temps colder, and I am beat. I am going to try this one again in a couple of weeks.

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
03/24/2007 Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area 9.00 6
Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse

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