I Had To - Ashville Bridge Creek - North Bay

Saturday would have been a much better day for a trip, but I had an important commitment, look at the previous entry and you can see why...

It was a little hard to get motivated to load up the kayak this morning, after a very long day yesterday, but I knew I had to do it. It had bee two weeks since my last trip, and I was not going to make it three. I did not want to drive far, I had already driven enough this weekend, so I opted for the closest launch to the house.

Ashville Bridge Creek is in full winter mode now, and the only signs of life are the occasional duck or two. I did catch a quick glimpse of one of the otters living on the creek, but they are very shy, due to the amount of traffic on the creek.

Date Launch Site Distance Photos
01/28/2007 Lotus Garden Park, Virginia Beach 5.90 3
Ashville Bridge Creek (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Looking South down Ashville Bridge Creek

Aerial Map 01/28/2007 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
20070128 Aerial Map

Topographic Map 01/28/2007 (Kayak Virginia Beach Images © Paul Perusse)
Topo Trip Map

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