One of those days

You ever have one of those days...
You know where you think you have everything ready to go, and when you get to where you need to be, you are missing a key piece to the puzzle, well I had one of those days...

I had the kayak on the truck, camera, GPS, paddles, etc... I drive for nearly an hour, standing on the bank of the river deciding on the route and getting a grip on the conditions, with the 10 to 15 MPH wind biting through the fleece I am wearing, I think I should put on my dry top before unloading the kayak. As I turn to go to the truck I have that sudden Homer Simpson moment Doohhh... I forgot my dry-top, and I have essentially no protection from the wind. The temperature was in the upper 40s and the wind chill was in the lower 40s. So I start thinking if I start of into the wind, and come back with the wind, maybe I can pull this of, and about that time a nice little gust comes down the river to remind me of how much a few more MPH of wind speed can have on wind chill.

No I start doing some other calculations, such as round trip time to the house, what time is sunset, and another commitment I had before 5, and I come to the conclusion, that driving another 2 hours making it a total of 4 hours on the road for what would have to be a less then 2 hour Kayak trips just wasn't worth it. My thought process is now tomorrow is actually going to be nicer, I can get up early, and hit the water and be home in time for kickoff (football is higher on my list then kayaking), yeah thats the ticket.

I guess it comes down to forgetting the dry top was actually an omen, woke up bright and early Sunday morning, to a congestion and body aches. Now I have to figure out if I can weasel out of work on Monday, do I really need to be a part of that meeting at 1?

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