Trip Reports - Kayak Trip Reports for Virginia and North Carolina

A running commentary of my kayak trips on the water, throughout Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina. I try to give an overview of the conditions and the area, as well as detailed GPS tracking information, and the locations of the photographs. I am not good at identifying plants and animals, so if I've misidentified something, feel free to let me know.

All of the photo's contained in the have been reduced in size and resolution, to save space and speed things up. If you'd like full-size (~1MB) copies of any of the photos, let me know via email Photo Request, include the date and filename...

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Ashville Bridge Creek, Horn Point - Last Shuttle Docks with ISS

West Neck Creek - Uncle Sam Makes Debut 1852

Ashville Bridge - North Carolina Ratifies the U.S. Constitution

Smiths Creek - First Transcontinental Telegraph 1861 - Chargers Disappoint

Northwest River - On the Road by Jack Kerouac published 1957

Back Bay - Kayleighs Birthday

Pocaty River - Joan of Arc Burned at the stake 1431

Windsor Castle Park - Muddy Waters Born 1915

Airfield Pond - 1727 Sir Isaac Newton Dies

Altons Creek - North Landing River - Barge Graveyard - 1933 Monopoly Invented

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