Kayak Clubs

Kayak Clubs

Kayak clubs and associations.
Here you will find organizations that promote kayaking and paddle sports in general.
If you have a club or organization that you would like to be listed here, contact me at the email address below.

American Canoe Association

Dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors using kayaks, canoes and rafts since 1880


Chesapeake Association of Sea Kayakers

We are a sea kayaking club located in the Tidewater, VA, area, including all of Hampton Roads and surrounding areas. We offer an organization for active kayakers and canoeists to gather in the company of others that share like interests. In addition, through group paddles, forums, and other social gatherings, we collectively provide a fun, safe, ever evolving environment to enjoy this fun and challenging sport in the local area.


Chesapeake Paddlers Association

Chesapeake Paddlers Association offers many diversified activities and benefits providing a way for people to safely enjoy sea kayaking within the Northern Chesapeake Bay region.


Mid-Atlantic Paddler's Association

We are a group whose primary focus is racing, but we welcome all paddlers to our races. We hold flatwater and ocean races, and we have men's and women's teams in hawaiian-style outrigger canoe racing. We have several 6-man outrigger canoes, which mean that people do not have to buy a boat to get into racing.
We also "practice" (paddle) twice a week all year long, usually regardless of weather. We are at the Willoughby Fishing Pier most of the summer on Wednesday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings paddling the OC-6, or OC-1's, kayaks or surf skis.


Pirates Of Lynnhaven

Pirates Of Lynnhaven, promoting fishing from kayaks on the lower Virginia coast.


Sebago Canoe Club

The Sebago Canoe Club is a Boating club in Canarsie - Brooklyn, New York accessing the waters of Jamaica Bay, with events targeted to members who include kayakers, canoeists, sailors, rowers, and flatwater racers.


Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association

Dedicated to promoting kayak angling in coastal Virginia and North Carolina.


Virginia Coastal Access Now

A Non-Profit Organization working to maintain and enhance the publics access to waterways within the commonwealth of Virginias Coastal Zone.


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