Munden Point City Park

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Munden Point Park, is located in Southeast Virginia Beach, about 2 miles North of the North Carolina border. There are 2 launch sites here, at the boat ramp and at the canoe kayak launch. I always use the kayak launch, because the ramp is usually busy with power boats. Be advised that the kayak launch is a couple hundred yards from the parking lot, so if you may want to bring a kayak dolly, if you have one. There also canoes available to rent for a a small fee (rentals are not allowed on North Landing river).

The kayak launch is on Oakum creek, and very short distance from the North Landing River.

Oakum Creek is a small creek, about a mile and a half long, depending on the water level, that is a nice relaxing paddle for all experience levels. There is a mix of environments of grassy marsh an wooded marsh.

North Landing river in this area widens dramatically as you head South, there are many tributaries to the North and South, with the majority on the West bank. The North Landing river is part of the inter-coastal waterway, and is heavily trafficked year around, so be prepared for power vessels and barges of all sizes.

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