Little Island Kayak Canoe Launch

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This launch site is part of Little Island Park, maintained by the city of Virginia Beach's Parks and Recreation Department. The park is mainly set up for beach access, and amenities such as picnic shelters and restrooms. This looks like a great place to spend the day with family and friends, with enough to do to make everybody happy... The park is open year round from sunrise to sunset with plenty of parking. During the summer month there is a $3 weekday/$4 weekend charge for parking.

The Kayak/Canoe launch is directly across the street from the main entrance to the parking lot, and about 20-30 yards down the path. The bottom is firm sand for a good distance, making this an easy launch, but you will get your feet wet.

After launching you'll want to head straight out to the bay, do not take the first left, as it dead ends about a quarter mile down. After entering open water, Little Island is just under half mile to the South. You can go either way around Little Island, which is about 8 tenths of a mile long, there is a small passage separating Little Island and Long Island. Continuing South takes you into the False Cape State Park, and the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

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