Hutton Circle Boat Launch

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Hutton Circle

I have never launched from here, but a frend of mine has and he likes it, but it is a little to urban for me...

Hutton Circle Small Boat Launch is located off of Virginia Beach Boulevard, between Lynnhaven Parkway and Great Neck Road. From Virginia Beach Blvd. Turn North on Hutton Lane, make a left at the end of the street on to Oconee Ave, and make the first left on to Hutton Circle. At the end of the street there are 3 parking spots, as well as some on street parking.

The path to the dock is about 150 yards, so you may want to bring a cart-dolly for your kayak.

The launch is a floating dock, that appears to be about the right height for entering and exiting a kayak. The dock itself seamed a bit springy to me, but that may have just been due to the low water level.

There are no additional facilities here, aside from the dock.

The Lynnhaven River does connect to the Chesapeake Bay, so keep in mind that the lunar tides will affect you here.

Some additional input from Dave:

launching from this site should be timed to use high tide only. Once you pass under Potters Ln and the railroad trestle, if the tide is medium-low you will get stuck on sandbars all over the place. Going to the right (North) puts you into boating channels around the first bend, and makes it difficult to enjoy when the locals put their boats and jet skis in the water (most don't respect the no-wake signs).

If you go to the south (under Potters, rail crossing and I-264) it's very peaceful and fun to paddle through as far as under Lynnhaven Pkwy, but once you turn the bend behind Viking/Guardian end, it's gets messy urban trash buildup. The best (most natural) section is the wide body between Potters and I-264, and again between 264 and Lynnhaven. If you time it to launch at high tide you can make it completely around the "loop" in about 2 or 2.5 hours and still have enough water level to clear. London Bridge creek is very deep and navigable even during low tide, but is VERY boring to paddle through.

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